Pianetha is an Italian fashion brand built on values that we consider essential: environmental sustainability and work ethic. We use exclusively sustainable natural fibers and work only with local artisans, in a short and monitored supply chain in the name of quality.
We create sustainable clothing and accessories for everyday life, without compromising on our core principles. Our items want to be contemporary, easy wearable and timeless. Pianetha is for those who seek a plastic-free and planet-friendly product and who do not want to give up on beauty.



Our story begins in 2018 in the center of Emilia Romagna, Val d’Enza, questioning about the materials and the origin of the garments we wore: we understood that- as guests of our planet- we had to expect better. Not finding products that met our needs, we created Pianetha, building a fair, ethical and sustainable supply chain from scratch. We use raw materials made by suppliers who share our vision: wool from breeding in the wild respectful of the animals and vegetable fibers from organic crops. This means that our yarns and fabrics are cruelty-free and without polluting chemicals.
All our production is authentically Made in Italy: we strongly believe in the value of our territory by supporting small artisan businesses, often family-run, precious repositories of knowledge and manual processing.


Our Planet- made up of nature, people and animals- is out home. Everything we make is always respectful of the Earth. The “TH” characterizes each of our collections.


Pianetha is a brand which aims to offer contemporary, quality, ecological and ethical products to everyone. Our mission is to create a resilient and supportive community gathered around the values of equity and justice, capable of leading a healthy and sustainable existence without sacrificing style. We are already plastic-free and zero-waste and our supply chain is fair and ethical, but that is not enough… The climate emergency is real and urgent, as are all the actions we are planning. We have the goal of becoming climate positive by 2024, as well as helping to safeguard the planet’s biodiversity. Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be updated in real time on our initiatives.