100% natural fashion

We only use ethically processed natural materials. Every year we invest more than 15% of our turnover in research and development, to select and test the best raw materials. Season after season we work to achieve a 100% natural, ecological, durable and increasingly sustainable fashion: sustainability is a journey.

We do not kill and we do not torture 

We have never used and will never use materials that involve killing and cruelty on animals. So, we say no to: fur, leather, feathers and silk. All our wools are obtained in full respect of the animal that gives it to us, even during the most critical phase of shearing. Wearing our garments, you have the serenity to dress with products in harmony with the environment and animals.


We use only natural vegetable or animal fibres without potentially toxic components or polluting chemical residues. While you’re wearing one of our garments, you have the certainty that your skin doesn’t absorb dangerous sustenance. At the end of use you have the guarantee of a product that, if wrongly disposed of in the environment, does not release any chemical 

Trusted partners, not supplier

The yarns and fabrics we use are not chosen according to a logic of the lowest price (and therefore maximum profit) but starting from the evaluation of the environmental impact and from the verification of compliance with ethical parameters of equity. We purchase materials not from simple suppliers, but from companies that share our vision. Over the years they have become partners who work alongside us, collection after collection, to offer you a truly sustainable product. External and impartial certification bodies ensure that we comply with the regulations for all production phases that we cannot directly monitor, such as “from the field to the yarn/fabric”.