Warm, soft, transpiring, insulating, hygroscopic, durable and odor resistant. The sheep wool we use is the AHW- Andean Highland Wool


When it came to choosing which sheep's wool to use, we were very concerned about how to make sure the sheep weren't mulesed. We believe that mulesing is a brutal practice that is absolutely irreconcilable with our vision of respect for animals. A possible way was to adopt products certified "mulesing free" with everything that involves a certification in terms of costs and therefore the final price of the product. Another one was to find a yarn manufacturer who was safe from the problems arising from the practice of mulesing, however not shared by us. The answer came from the Andes: grazing at altitudes around 1000 meters we have the absolute certainty that the sheep that give us our wool do not suffer mulesing because at these heights does not live the fly that originates the infection. We let nature do it...



It is the same yarn manufacturer who also provides us alpaca wool, with the inclusion of sheep in its flocks. He has sought to create income diversification for the Andean rural populations and to reduce the risk of possible annual fluctuations of commodity prices. Wearing an Andean Highland Wool garment, you contribute in equal measure (as for alpaca wool) to the preservation of a millenary culture that is only know having the possibility of regaining its rites and customs, after a European domination that has left deep wounds.


Andes, Perù.