We try to have a positive impact on all our stakeholders by achieving our goals, we have taken on the commitment and responsibility to ensure fair trade, especially for our workers, our suppliers, our community and , of course, our customers throughout our value chain.
  • We protect our employees at every stage of our operations.
  • We guarantee a safe environment for those involved in the production chain, in particular for our internal workers.
  • 66 of our employees are women..
  • We guarantee the minimum wages of fair work.
  • We protect the physical and mental health of the workers involved.
  • We prohibit forced and child labor both internally and to our suppliers.
  • We respect all legislative and regulatory provisions in force in Italy and in the countries in which we operate.


We base our business on ethical principles of legitimacy, loyalty, fairness and transparency, respecting the value of people, animals and the environment with the aim of improving the planet we live on.. 
Our same principles are shared by every person, including suppliers and external collaborators, linked to us. Each of our stakeholders is in fact required to operate according to the same values of loyalty, honesty, good faith, fairness, transparency, integrity and to refrain from any activity that could be considered, even potentially, in conflict with the interests of PIANETHA and the parent company. DRESS-NATURAL Srl.