While not a purely vegan brand, Pianetha does not use materials that involve killing or cruelty to animals such as leather, fur and feathers..
To date, the only textile fibers of animal origin we use are alpaca wool and sheep's wool. Wool is considered the winter textile fiber par excellence, yet its excellent thermoregulation characteristics make it suitable for summer garments too.
Our dalpaca and sheep wool yarns come from flocks located on pristine plateaus and valleys of the central Andes of South America, Peru, where these animals represent an important pillar for the sustenance of over a million local farmers committed to preserving cultural traditions millenary. 
By choosing to use shepherds' wool with flocks in the wild, Pianetha ensures that the animals are not subjected to any mistreatment and that they are not subjected to mulesing.
These wools cannot be certified organic, becauseliving free, our alpacas and sheep choose what to eat and are free to carry out all the typical behaviors of their species while the organic disciplinary imposes the control of feeding correct practice when the flocks are settled on the farm.to).