Very warm, soft, shiny, durable, odor resistant and hypoallergenic. This high-quality fiber is available in more than 22 natural colors and it is three time more resistant and up to seven times warmer than sheep wool.  As alpaca wool does not contain lanolin, it is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial fiber that does not cause allergies.


Alpaca wool can be considered more sustainable than cashmere because, thanks to its low-fat content, it saves energy and reduces the use of water in the processing of fibers. The soft pads under the alpacas' hooves minimize damage to the soil and spontaneous vegetation, making their wool a fiber with a low environmental impact. Furthermore, living in the wild in the Andes at 3800 meters above sea level, our alpacas do not graze on land suitable for agriculture, they drink from natural water resources and feed on spontaneous herbs free of toxic substances.


Alpacas are a fundamental source of income for the rural populations who live in the Andes, in an unspoilt natural environment as beautiful as it is hard to live. By wearing an alpaca garment, you contribute to the preservation of a millenary culture that is only now having the possibility of reclaiming its rites and customs, after a European domination that has left deep wounds. Our local partner actively participates in this path by supporting the professional training of shepherds, creating dialogue between the various communities and establishing an ethnographic museum where he has recovered ancient fabrics.


Andes, Perù.